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I wandered over lines in hourglass sand
unsure whether they were borders or invitations
bereft of any power to withstand
warped judgements sold as reputations

Choices blot pens erasing my stories
words cast a more pecuniary light
upon believable fables meant to please
ghosts who flourish without sunlight

Lay me down amid feathered white lies
let them bow to every love affair
dictated endings waiting for sunrise
leaving careless lovers unaware

I will dive into unforeseen temptations
labelling old boundaries as invitations

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She moves toward me like a slow dance
peeling off layers of yesterday’s shells
naked legs propose an inviting stance
her silence is deafening like nothing else

She is both the sun and the night sky
a shelter from the fury of stormy hours
in her arms one can become a butterfly
sharing the sun’s devotion to flowers

She is a mistress of the language of delight
her grip enslaves senses within quiet chains
erasing every romance left to write
until only wordless desire remains

On this stage with no time left to rehearse
I think she holds the wonders of the universe

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Poetry tingles are such a singular taste
trembles unleashing waves of guilty pleasure
cold words resting within a warm phrase
their meanings vociferous beyond measure

Forging knots for habits that live apart
margins cuddle lines a little tighter
polished pens spill images from the heart
onto thin pages where space feels brighter

Ink wizardry reveals secrets to everyone
allowing elation to fade into the sea breeze
fourteen lines looking for a home run
toward insatiable ears who can’t wait to read

Each syllable dots a constellation afar
flirting with humanity in the blink of a star

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Bathe me in rivers whence kindness pours
to invite forgiveness with the sound of laughter
eloquence survives selling salt to shores

Prosperity shrinks tempestuous wars
anointed bullet holes covered with plaster
bathe me in rivers whence kindness pours

Our common faith rests in different harbours
under separate skies where idyllic clouds wilt faster
eloquence survives selling salt to shores

Dance with devils on unsteady floors
life evolves when it welcomes disaster
bathe me in rivers whence kindness pours

Nail principles to mahogany doors
to nourish courage for what comes after
eloquence survives selling salt to shores

The rain you meet alone moistens bare pores
unholy water knows no other master
bathe me in rivers whence kindness pours
eloquence survives selling salt to shores

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Self-discovery is an invitation to wander
courage breathes light into every North Star
creating destinations no map can trace
uncharted trails will show you who you are

Fearlessness arises when meeting the unknown
understand how human shapes are drawn to molds
lakes looking for safe harbors to sail from
and trust warmth exists once night unfolds

Fire reclaims ashes settled on the ground
smudging light when you are pursuing shine
but shimmer is not honest, it reflects paths
guiding broken compasses past a crooked line

Focused on the journey, not the destination
lessons learned are always ripe for degustation

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I find home within the sound of your heartbeats
as we learn to cuddle beneath every sun
still I don’t know where my voice fits

Afternoon tides refuse to cradle unspoken wits
when bandaged happiness comes undone
I find home within the rhythm of your heartbeats

Voluminous stores decorate scarce streets
paying for old promises has already begun
still I don’t know where my voice fits

Laughter invades the echoes of my defeats
their clandestine fear entices me to run
I find home within the music of your heartbeats

Ask me again to surrender to the beauty of deceits
the most enduring lessons come from those who never won
still I don’t know where my voice fits

Murmurous nights conquer bohemian misfits
liquor drowns ambitions one by one
home grows within the silence of your heartbeats
still I don’t know where my voice fits

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

I am elsewhere beyond photos we spared
hidden within mumbles triggering unrest
landscapes of me I never shared
pieces of you I never guessed

Dulled senses dancing to a broken jukebox
sell hope to freeze one single point in time
reach out and bend the quiet ticking of clocks
huddling for warmth inside a soothing rhyme

The smell of old clothes fills empty drawers
like rationed love for soldiers far from home
courted before by wealthy amateurs
now left to fight on their own

Beyond the melting gaze of irreverence
in waves of pandemic sparks of absence

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Let go if not to hold me endlessly
if your thirst has dried because you’re lonely
leave desire drowning in the pouring rain
forget my mouth if other lips explain
how drizzle carries ripples to your sea

Let go unless your bed wants all of me
if murmurs are ready to discover fringes of insane
for mornings under sheets is where you dream to be
let go if not to hold me endlessly

Or let my scent invade your poetry
spend the night if my body sweetens your bedtime tea
when the warmth I bring is welcome to remain
in muted gestures small enough to reign
otherwise, please set me free
let go if not to hold me endlessly

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It is not only fair to fail
failure is primordial
failure is not an option
it is a requirement

Beware of poisonous ink
in romantic tales sold by greedy storytellers
the constant yearning for happy endings
at their curtain call, what is left to learn?

Life stands incomplete
without the hungry breath of defeats

Use all skins of your humanness
weave them into the softest shoes
so they may strengthen each step
through life’s unforgiving groove

Love celebrates mishaps and uncertainty
love awaits at the start of every gesture
inside everything
embracing everywhere

Free minds are blind to circular lines
they know limits only by creating their own

Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

Beyond dusk where haunting voices remain
fleeting lovers wander fleeing compromise
chasing mermaids who dwell in the rain

The moon encourages desires it cannot sustain
with starry skies laid out to mesmerize
beyond dusk where haunting voices remain

Lust burns without temporal constraint
it crinkles beneath the tongue to hypnotize
chasing mermaids who dwell in the rain

Not all sunsets deserve exuberant acclaim
some herald the scent of demise
beyond dusk where haunting voices remain

Defeated sirens gather to exclaim
drowning should not come as a surprise
chasing mermaids who dwell in the rain

All drifters bring the same flickering flame
they come to breathe hope into the sunrise
clandestine mornings where haunting voices remain
chasing mermaids who dwell in the rain

Nuno Ricardo

A poet who codes or a coder with odes. Collects poems in books @

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