Pearls of love shine brighter when we swim together
not when we clamp each other in one single common shell
they can withstand rocks that bring ripples to the water
protected by walls submerged beneath our wishing well

Sounds of love are never silent if we are in sync
although it deafens virtues we are certain to possess
they dive into uncharted lakes without list of expectations
and wash away all lies we are willing to confess

Roads of love connect little known pathways
as we surrender ourselves we find where the journey starts
and only when we’re able to embrace startling trials
can we build strong relations with responsive fiery hearts

Gestures of love open doors to embrace true hospitality
while sentries at the gates brand it as a cruel mistake
they distort self love into a private illustration
a clever mask easily riven when the mind is wide-awake

Touches of love encourage clearer inspiration
they feed roots that breathe shade into the sun
a complex question asked by fate that is always changing
while the unabated answer stays the same at every run